Broken Angelz Search Help

8 11 2015

Most of the Search items now allow for selecting multiple conditions at once. The following search fields can all be used with multiple conditions:  Name, Cast, Cast-Spec, Material, Girl, Hair, Set Type, Producer, Alphabetical, by Year, Cstshoe, Crutch, Wheelchair, Traction, Med/Term.

That means if you select multiple fields like Cast = SLWC, Girl = Latina and Producer = Angel  and press PUSH this acts as an “AND” condition between each of the three selections and you’ll only get records back that match all 3 criteria together. So you can get really specific in your searches now. Of course you can still search by any of these individual items as well. Within the categories defined above are over 125 separate search criteria to choose from in the drop down menu’s.

UPDATE: 3/2016 — I integrated the Name search into the multiple condition searches. You can now search just for name by entering it into the box and then pressing search -or- you can enter a name and other specific information like type of cast, producer, etc.. I did this because there are girls with the same name from different producers and some girls like Amy, Beatrice, Pam, etc. have multiple sets with different casts outfits etc. people would want to search more specifically for.

The following searches cannot be selected with other search items:

Get All Records  Finds all records in the database. (This search takes some time).

New Search Terms:

Just combines the search for either Medical or Term Casts (since its one or the other if its not a rec cast, combining them into one search item allowed me more room for another search item).

Cast: LLWC-HB and SLWC-HB casts were added. HB stands for heel bar.

Cast-Spec (Cast Special) Allows you to search for special cast “add-ons” like toe plates, toe and finger SPICA’s, minerva, risser, neck braces, slings, spreader bars, fixators, angled knee or angled ankle casts,  cast socks or if the set includes cast application and or removal etc..  Please note that  angled Knee refers to 90-45 degree non weight bearing casts. Angled Ankle refers to ankle turned in or greater that 90 degrees. These tags are being updated individually in sets and may take a bit of time to get all the terms. The predominant theme will take precedence as there is only one cast-spec field (so for example if a set has a  cast sock and toe plate the toe plate will take precedence in the field and with the cast sock described elsewhere).

Cast-Shoe Formerly CAM  I now use this field to describe the type of orthopedic footwear. Like CAM, Cast Sandle, Cast Boot, Cast Shoe, Tovipie, Half (.5) Shoe, [plastic] Bag etc. These are being updated individually in sets and may take a bit of time to get all the terms in.

Crutch I know distinguish between forearm crutches (“Fcrutch”), underarm crutches (“UCrutch”) and “Cane” (cane is also a single forearm crutch).

Set Type Allows you to identify the kind of set and generally applies to clothes or setting. The predominant theme will take precedence (as there is only one term) for example:

“Bikini” –  Bikini or Bathing Suit;
“Casual” – Casual clothes or setting like wearing shorts, casual skirt or pants ;
“Evening” – Dressed to kill like in a a little black dress or party outfit;
“Fashion” – Some sort of fashion generally better dressed than casual but not evening wear;
“Hospital” – Takes place in a hospital setting;
“Jeans” – Wearing jeans;
“Lingerie” – Wearing Lingerie, Bed clothes, PJ’s, ;
“Multi-Outfit” – Wearing different outfit categories in same set – Usually Evening/Fashion combined with Casual/Jeans;
“Naked” – Predominantly naked in the set. Please note you can find all EROTIC sets by selecting  “Devilz” in the Producer search, but “Devilz” can sometimes be naked, or wearing lingerie, uniforms, etc.. just like any other producer type and I now use this field to distinguish that.
“Sport” – Wearing sweats, yoga outfits or could be working out;
“Uniform” – Maid, Medical Worker, Cheerleader, School Uniform, Stewardess, Kimono or Traditional Outfits, any Uniform, etc.;
“Work” – Means wearing clothes for work or could be an Office Setting;

These are being updated individually in sets and may take a bit of time to get all the terms in.

I am  instituting more standard nomenclature to get girl names consistent so it’s much easier to find a girl by name.

Firstly I have made sure you need to only put in ONE name – the girls first name. No more having to figure out second names. Name search also makes no distinction between caps and lower case making finding the girl easier:

I dropped all of the adult models last names:

Brandi Belle             is now    Brandi
Briella Jaden            is now     Briella
CandyCain                is now     Candy
Cat Force                  is now     Cat
Dorothy Black         is now    Dorothy
Elane Hershey         is now     Elane
Eve Angel                 is now     Eve
Kendra James         is now     Kendra
Jordan Kingsley        is now    Jordan
Kim Marvel             is now    Kim
Natalie Minx           is now    Natalie
Nicky Masters         is now    Nicky
Niki Sebastion        is now    Niki
Nikki Sexton           is now    Nikki
Sarah Jain               is now     Sarah
Stacie Snow            is now     Stacie

Some girls without a name were listed just as “contributorX’s gal” now just use the contributor’s name to find the girl

Bkastz Gal              is now  Bkast
Brazil Cast              is now  Brazilcast
CaCasterz Gal        is now  CaCaster
CTCouplez Gal      is now  CTCouple
Gipserz Gal            is now  Gipserz
Golfthugz Gal        is now  Golfthugz
Hawkz Gal             is now  Hawk
LD77z Gal              is now  LD77
Mr. & Mrs. Wing  is now     Wingnutz
NJPixmanz Gal     is now   NJPixman
Plasterman Galz    is now  Plasterman
UncFanz Gal          is now  UncFan
Zanonz Gal           
is now Zanon 

Some girls also were anonymous and only named by their location so I made it a one word name:

Campus Girl          is now     CampusGirl
Pink Lady               is now     PinkLady
Miami Girl             is now     MiamiGirl

Some girls just had strange suffixes at the end of their first names:

Amy_cast        is now     Amycast (too many Amy’s, had to distinguish)
JaimeK            is now     Jaime
Lanacamo       is now     Lana
LaurenWK      is now     Lauren
Mandy K         is now     Mandy

Some Southern girls actually have a first name that is two names (ditto for some adult models). When it was clear this was all a first name I kept them together like so:


Then there were a couple of miscellaneous items:

Wacky Friend        is now    Wacky
MILFs                     in now  MedMILFS

A number of Variety sets that had different prefixes or suffixes are now just called Variety

BA Site Upgrade Completed

7 01 2016

After 2.5 months of rather intensive work I have just completed the Brokenangelz site overhaul. This has included:


  1. A complete interface overhaul that makes navigation easier an the site more attractive in general.
  2. Mousing over a catsgirl portrait now displays a popup sample image of the set.
  3. There are new Portraits for each cast girl.
  4. There is a completely overhauled search function with new search criteria that now allows you to select multiple conditions to find your favorite sets, whether in the free or member section, and by  125+ different criteria.
  5. Retagging of *all* the datasets completed to take full advantage of the new search criteria.
  6. The castedmemories Clips4sale store has been integrated into the site.

The Castedmemories member site was merged into BrokenAngelz in December 2015:

This added:
– 50 new cast girls
– About 80,000 images
-1160 image sets
-225 clips

In the prior months Czech and Finnish contributor sets were added totaling another 75 girls.

The site, now easily the largest and most searchable cast site on the net   now contains:

– About 1500+ different casted women in 2700 sets.
– In Individual sets of 75-300+ images each.
– Another 500 casted women in variety sets.
– There are about 330,000 images
– There are 525+ short video’s clips and story clips where the girls explain   there cast experience.

Going Forward:

There will be two sets of fully new material posted weekly.

A third weekly set will feature new contributions, still unposted BA material (moms, erotic), new short story clips and occasionally a long clip.

BrokenAngelz & Casted Memories have MERGED!

15 12 2015

The member sites of Castedmemories and BrokenAngelz have merged into the BrokenAngelz Site.

What does it mean?

It means over 1160+ complete image sets comprising about 75,000-80,000 images and 225 video clips and about 50 new girls have been transferred from (CM) to (BA) where they will live from now on. New Sets will be added on BrokenAngelz as the Castedmemories subscriber site is retired.

All the CM sets have also been completely re-tagged prior to being moved over to BA in order to take full advantage of the new robust search function just added to BrokenAngelz in its redesign. So the sets are searchable by the 125+ multiple search criteria. Click Search Help on the site to read all about BA’s newly enhanced search capability.

With the benefit of hind site all the CM sets were also evaluated and some were merged where the girl was wearing the same cast and clothes in order to make it easier to find and download all related images in one set. So the original 1160+ sets were consolidated down to about 830, but the images from all 1160 sets were converted over.

The CastedMemories C4S Video Clip will remain up and will continue to be added to. BrokenAngelz visitors will note the Castedmemories C4S clip site was integrated into the BrokenAngelz  site redesign. The plan is to add:

  1. Full length clips of plaster casts to the CastedMemories Clip C4S site;
  2. Full length clips of fiber casts to the BrokenAngelz  Clip C4S site;
  3. Full length clips of Erotic Casts to the BrokenDevilz Clip C4S site;

Why the Merger?

Because Castedmemories-produced content will make up the bulk of new material on Broken Angelz from this point forward. And while a number of pay sites are creating multiple sites featuring the same girls and casts, I decided it would be a better value to subscribers to do the opposite and consolidate the two sites to create easily the largest free searchable database of casted women online.

Broken Angelz will have at least two updates per week of completely new material that comprise its three weekly updates. Typically one new set will be fiber and the other plaster. The third weekly update will be set aside for:

  • New contributors sets;
  • New short clips from the image set shootings;
  • Special limited time Long Clip Previews;
  • The reposting of erotic and MOM material by EJ still not up.
  • The Final new images sets still not posted of EJ material.
  • Upsized 1728 X1152 original image shootings of the best EJ and CM sets previously posted.

The idea is to eventually have most sets with short clips attached to them and all the best sets to be large sized images whether newly posted or supersized older sets where large sized images exist.

What about Current Subscribers?

Well…. Current Broken Angelz Subscribers who’ve stayed with us just got themselves 1160+ new sets to check out overnight… and current CastedMemories subscribers just got themselves access to about 1500+ BA sets… So I’d say not a bad deal all around… 😉

Any questions?
Please don’t hesitate:

I’ll put ’em up here with the answers if it helps clarifies things more for folks.





Broken Angelz Site Update 2015

4 11 2015

As you may have noticed the site is going through a considerable upgrade. There is more to come and a rather big upgrade planned in early 2016 (stay tuned!)

  • There has been a complete design overhaul that is continuing, first to the front section and then next to members using the same template
  • I’ve added new search selection criteria to: Casts, Material, Girl, Producer and a whole new categories: Set Type which will better identify sets at a glance – Set Type will take some time to gather all that data. Also now search for Term [cast].
  • Mouse rollovers on portraits now automatically popup a preview image of the set.
  • Clicking the name next to the portrait or the three pix for new sets now both consistently show an image in a popup window
  • 75 sets of producers material from SNE-Finland and CEG-Czech have been recently added including 78 new full sets of casted women and 50 other girls in variety sets
  • I decided to consolidate some contribution sets into “Variety” and add the few CEG and SNE sets to that too. So now we have an LLC, SLC, ARM, CRUTCH, CAM, SPRAIN and BRACE Variety Set.

Before I start the back end design I am doing some database cleanup.


What’s New @ in 2013 and Beyond…

22 12 2012

The answer is a whole bunch of things, so let’s start. Alot of work is being done behind the scenes in December to prepare for next year :

1. PREVIEW PICS:  The last two weeks were spent adding preview pics to EVERY images set on the site so you can now easily search and see not just the cast girl’s portrait, but a sample of the shoot. just click her name for the sample. Also added a mailing list feature so anyone that wants to see more previews of a new shoot can get an email with the links.

2. SITE CHANGES — The static What’s New page is replaced with a dynamic database page of the last 45 days of updates. We’ve also tweeked the search criteria end added a MOM search as well as a SWE and CGJ search. You’ll see some more tweaks in the coming weeks.

3. ENHANCED SEARCH: As mentioned a few new search criteria were entered, but before doing more send us your requests for new search criteria you’d like to see if its already not there.  We can’t promise, but if some requests are more popular we will try to do it.  (Remember each new search criteria needs to be programmed and the real work is identified which of the 2000 sets have what is being searched for in it!)

3. MORE GIRLS PER MONTH: Unlike previous years, we spent 2012 creating a forward inventory so that there will be more diversity of girls per month – meaning 8-10 different girls each month.

4. POSTING MORE VIDEO: A major change is video – a commitment to providing at least 10-12 minutes of video per month on the site of 4-5 different cast girls so that you end up with at least 2 hours of video clips by years’s end. At least 2 1/2 minutes of video will be posted with each weekly update – but what the video consists of is also important . The focus is on enhancing the image experience, so we took the points where the girl describes her accident and cast experience in the long video and used it for these shorter video postings. The goal is a Ken Burn’s Civil War Documentary-Like effect. Besides enjoying the short clip of the girl, you can also run a slideshow of her images with the video playing in the background of each girl describing her accident and casting experience in her own voice, regional accent, etc.. Its a really nice effect – try it! They’ll be even more interesting video announcements to come as we move into 2014.

5. NAME CHANGE & CONTRIBUTOR INFO: The site’s name has been changed slightly from Broken Angelz to Broken Angelz & Friends to reflect a reality that has existed for many years – hundreds of the cast girls shown are from site contributors! This will remain the case and some of the best material from affiliated sites that I manage will now also be shown – including new special fiber and crutch sets made by exclusively for the Broken Angelz & Friends site, and additionally some of the best girls and casts from & CGJ Asian Cast Girls.  Active Contributors to BA&F are still being sought! And we will pay for new cast material in cash or with memberships. The material does have to meet certain technical quality standards and relate to what site members want to see (e.g. typically clear images/clips or attractive young and older woman) for compensation to occur. You can email: for more info if you want to contribute. Just appreciate it may take some time to post it as we have lots of new inventory to get through — literally years-worth in fact, and more is being produced….

6. “BLASTS FROM THE PAST”: Slowly, over the course of a number of years going forward some of the best Angelz of old will be reposted. The MOM’s, who now have names, will be repatriated into the member site if you missed them the first time around. Erotic sets that previously were only on the BD clips4sale site will also be posted to the member site. In addition, some of our most attractive BA cast girls will be reposted. Did you know that when images are posted to the BA site, in order to focus on the cast girl each one is almost always clipped (so that environmental background is lost). Images are also routinely reduced to a 1280X1024 size (kind of like edited for TV). All reposted “Blast from the Past”  material WILL NOT BE EDITED in this way. It will be the original material in typically never-before-seen original larger format with the background scenery showing. Where it exists we will also be making shorter video clips to accompany it just as described in item #3 above.

7. CONSOLIDATING EROTIC LONG CLIPS: The BD clip site will now feature  all erotic clips, regardless of the producer, in order to consolidate the erotic line for all those who enjoy it. So over the next year(s) you’ll see a combination of new BD clips like the one recently posted, erotic clips slowly moved over from other stores and some mashup clips featuring parts of others including best casted blowjobs, best casted sex, best girl on girls, etc…

Thats’s all for now… keep watching for updates!  (BTW — I will be posting more information on this board so please check it every once in a while)

Complete site redesign goes live Nov. 1st!!!

17 10 2011

– By popular demand, I listened to your input
– Much better organized, catagorized, sorted
– Database backed
– search by over 50 different criteria, (cast, ethnicity, hair color, producer (including (S)ingle girl and (M)ulti girl contributors, cast type, walking apparatus, cam, year)
– 1000+ records featuring over 750+ cast women
– ties all BA and BD products together
– free search function to see whats available even before you get into the site (
– Can open multiple series at once

I’m crowd sourcing to make it perfect  – tell me if you see an error or miscatagorization and you will have access to special set later:


This new member area took MANY MANY MONTHS to rebuild as a one stop index of all the BA and BD material. It required hand-coding a 1000 record database and trying to catagorize sets where information like which set had traction?, which set had a CAM? What clips were related to which sets? This had never been maintained before. So there are errors and ommissions.

The best way to fix this is for the many of you who are members to crowd source the fixes by EMAILING what needs to be recatagorized or added/deleted (like clip previews you may find on clips4sale missing from a particular images set) when you discover issues. As a thank you for this I will be maintaining the email addresses of anyone that emails a valid fix and will be offering a special body cast set to those who have taken the time to make the database more useful for everyone else. The top 5-10 most prolific contributors will receive an exclusive clip of the body cast shooting as an added bonus.


21 10 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve added anything to this blog, but I thought I’d fill those of you whom are interested in. I ended up passing 500 models finally, and to celebrate I’m going to be doing a special set coming up, probably in Dec. I’m also toying with the idea of making this a freebie, however I’m not sure how I’m going to do this and keep bandwidth down, but I’m working on it… Anyways, I’ll come up with something and shoot it soon, after all the new round of shoots are finished in Nov. There’s a bunch of new BA and BD shoots in Nov.

So here’s the current model list of all 500+ models. Also, I’m going to be sending some of the “removed” model sets to Aceman to post on Cast Kingdom in addition to the one’s I’ve already sent him and he has posted now. Just like with the pay pics, please don’t repost them people… Enjoy them, save them, spank to them, but don’t repost them. Thanks….

  1. Abbey
  2. Abigail
  3. Addison
  4. Adrienne
  5. Aggie
  6. Alexis
  7. Alice
  8. Alicia
  9. Alivia
  10. Allana
  11. Allyson
  12. Allie
  13. Alma
  14. Alyssa
  15. Amber
  16. Amelia
  17. America
  18. Amy
  19. Ana
  20. Anabella
  21. Analiese
  22. Anastasia
  23. Andi
  24. Andrea
  25. Andreanna
  26. Angela
  27. Angelica
  28. Angelina
  29. Angeline
  30. Angie
  31. Anika
  32. Anja
  33. Anna
  34. Annette
  35. Annie
  36. Ann-Marie
  37. Antoinette
  38. Apple
  39. April
  40. Araceli
  41. Arian
  42. Arianna
  43. Ariel
  44. Arlene
  45. Ashleigh
  46. Ashley
  47. Astlea
  48. Ashton
  49. Aubree
  50. Audra
  51. Audrey
  52. Auralia
  53. Autumn
  54. Ava
  55. Avery
  56. Baily (BA and BD)
  57. Barbara
  58. Beatrice
  59. Becca
  60. Belinda
  61. Bella
  62. Bernadette
  63. Bethany
  64. Beverly
  65. Bianca
  66. Bobby
  67. Bonnie
  68. Breanne
  69. Brenda
  70. Brianna
  71. Brin
  72. Brittany
  73. Brooke
  74. Cali Logan (BA and BD)
  75. Callie
  76. Camille
  77. Camron
  78. Camry
  79. Candace
  80. Candi
  81. Candle Boxxx (BA and BD)
  82. Candycain
  83. Carla
  84. Carly
  85. Carmella
  86. Carmen
  87. Carmina
  88. Caroline
  89. Carrie
  90. Carolina
  91. Cass
  92. Cassandra
  93. CatForce
  94. Cecilia
  95. Celine
  96. Chantal
  97. Charity
  98. Charlene
  99. Charly
  100. Charma
  101. Cherry
  102. Chiana
  103. Chris
  104. Christa
  105. Christian
  106. Christine
  107. Ciara
  108. Cindy
  109. Claire
  110. Clarissa
  111. Colleen
  112. Connie
  113. Constance
  114. Coral
  115. Corin
  116. Corinne
  117. Cristina
  118. Crystal
  119. Dana
  120. Dandylion
  121. Daniella
  122. Darcie
  123. Deborah
  124. Darby
  125. Dawn
  126. Dee Dee
  127. Deseree
  128. Devlin
  129. Destiny
  130. Dina
  131. Dixi
  132. Dorothy
  133. Elena
  134. Eleena
  135. Elisa
  136. Elise
  137. Elizabeth
  138. Emily
  139. Emillie
  140. Emma
  141. Emmeline
  142. Erin
  143. Ezra
  144. Esmerelda
  145. Evalynn
  146. Eve
  147. Felicity
  148. Francesca
  149. Geena
  150. Ginnelle
  151. Ginny
  152. Gloria
  153. Haley
  154. Hannah
  155. Happy
  156. Heather
  157. Heidi
  158. Helen
  159. Helena
  160. Hollie
  161. Holly
  162. Iona
  163. Isabelle
  164. Itza
  165. Jackie (BA and BD)
  166. Jacqueline
  167. Jaime
  168. Jaimey
  169. Jalinda
  170. Jane
  171. Janet
  172. Janice
  173. Jasmine
  174. Jayna
  175. Jeanie
  176. Jelly
  177. Jenelle
  178. Jenica
  179. Jenn
  180. Jennifer
  181. Jenny
  182. Jerri
  183. Jeska
  184. Jessica
  185. Jessie
  186. Jewel
  187. Jill
  188. Jillian
  189. Joanne
  190. Joannie
  191. Jokester
  192. Jordan
  193. Jordana
  194. Josephine
  195. Josie
  196. Joyce
  197. Jules
  198. Julie
  199. June
  200. Justine
  201. Kadeeva
  202. Kai
  203. Kaila
  204. Kaily
  205. Kaiya
  206. Kali
  207. Kalista
  208. Kameron
  209. Kamryn Drake (BA and BD)
  210. Kandy
  211. Kara
  212. Karen
  213. Karina
  214. Karisma
  215. Karol
  216. Kasie
  217. Katalina
  218. Katerina
  219. Katherine
  220. Kathy
  221. Katelin
  222. Katie
  223. KatyLied
  224. Kay
  225. Kaycee
  226. Kaydence
  227. Kayla
  228. Kayla Jane Danger (BA and BD)
  229. Kaylea
  230. Keely
  231. Kellianne
  232. Kelly
  233. Kendra
  234. Kimber
  235. Kimberly Marvel (BA and BD)
  236. Kira
  237. Kristy
  238. Koral
  239. Korina
  240. Koryn
  241. Krissy
  242. Krista
  243. Kristie
  244. Kylie
  245. KymCast
  246. Kymberly Jane (BA and BD)
  247. Lady L
  248. Lana
  249. Larissa
  250. Laura
  251. Laurel
  252. LaurenWK
  253. Leah
  254. Leanne
  255. Lelani
  256. Lena
  257. Lenore
  258. Leslie Marie
  259. Lindie
  260. Lisa
  261. Lisette
  262. Lita
  263. Liz
  264. Lizbeth
  265. Luanna
  266. Lucy
  267. London Andrews
  268. Lola
  269. Lola Lynn
  270. Lorena
  271. Lorilei
  272. Lory
  273. Madaline
  274. Madira
  275. Madison
  276. Magdelena
  277. Maggie
  278. Mallory
  279. Mallory Page (Martini) (BA and BD)
  280. Mandy
  281. Mandy K (BA and BD)
  282. Marcie
  283. Margaret
  284. Margorie
  285. Maribe
  286. Maribelle
  287. Marie
  288. Mariella
  289. Marilyn
  290. Marina
  291. Marise
  292. Marisol
  293. Marissa
  294. Maritza
  295. Marlise
  296. Marly
  297. Mariann
  298. Mary-Ellen
  299. Maya
  300. Meagan
  301. Melana
  302. Melanie
  303. Melinda
  304. Melissa
  305. Melody
  306. Meredith
  307. Mia McKinley
  308. Milf
  309. Mimi
  310. Mindy
  311. Miranda
  312. Missie
  313. Misty
  314. Molly
  315. Mona
  316. Monica
  317. Muriel
  318. Myra
  319. Nancy
  320. Nicky Masters (BA and BD)
  321. Niecey
  322. Nikki
  323. Rachel
  324. Natalie
  325. Nia
  326. Nicolette
  327. Nora
  328. Pamela
  329. Pam (EJ Ex-wife)
  330. Patricia
  331. Penelope
  332. Pillar
  333. Rachel
  334. Rami
  335. Randy
  336. Ramona
  337. Raquel
  338. Rebecca
  339. Rena
  340. Rhea
  341. Remy
  342. Rhiannon
  343. Rhonda
  344. Rita
  345. Robin
  346. Rosalie
  347. Rose
  348. Roxie
  349. S
  350. Sabrina
  351. Salima
  352. Sally
  353. Samantha
  354. Sandie
  355. Sandra
  356. SarahBeth
  357. Sarah
  358. Sarita
  359. Sasha
  360. Savannah
  361. Selena
  362. Sarafina
  363. Sereena
  364. Sharon
  365. Shawna
  366. Sheila
  367. Sierra
  368. Sissy
  369. Sienna
  370. Sindie
  371. Sophie
  372. Sonia
  373. Soren
  374. Stacey
  375. Starla
  376. Stars
  377. Stephanie
  378. Summer
  379. Sunny
  380. Svetlana
  381. Sylvia
  382. Sylvie
  383. Tabitha
  384. Talissa
  385. Tamara
  386. Tammy
  387. Tamra
  388. Tanya
  389. Tatiana
  390. Taylor
  391. Tera
  392. Teresa
  393. Tess
  394. Texanne
  395. Thelma
  396. Tina
  397. Tish
  398. Toni
  399. Torie
  400. Tracey
  401. Tricia
  402. Trina
  403. Trisha
  404. Trixie
  405. Tulip
  406. Twila
  407. Tyler
  408. Valerie
  409. Valiana
  410. Vanity
  411. Vee
  412. Vera
  413. Veronica
  414. Vicki
  415. Victoria
  416. Violet
  417. Vivian
  418. Wendy
  419. Xenia
  420. Yari
  421. Yvonne
  422. Wenona (BA and BD)
  423. Willow
  424. Miami Girl
  425. Pink Lady
  426. Rach Sim Med
  427. Stacie Med
  428. AmyCast
  429. Racine
  430. Clarise Term
  431. Courtney Term
  432. Sk8Girl
  433. Marla
  434. Wacky Friend
  435. Mary Term
  436. Liz Med
  437. Kat Med
  438. Jan 07 MOM
  439. Feb 07 MOM
  440. March 07 MOM
  441. April 07 MOM
  442. June 07 MOM
  443. July 07 MOM
  444. Aug 07 MOM
  445. Sept 07 MOM
  446. Oct 07 MOM
  447. Nov 07 MOM
  448. Dec 07 MOM
  449. Jan 08 MOM
  450. Feb 08 MOM (aka Shan on BD)
  451. March 08 MOM
  452. April 08 MOM
  453. May 08 MOM
  454. June 08 / Sept 08 MOM
  455. July 08 MOM
  456. Aug 08 MOM
  457. Sept 08 MOM
  458. Oct 08 MOM
  459. Nov 08 MOM
  460. Dec 08 MOM
  461. Jan 09 / Sept 10 MOM
  462. Feb 09 MOM
  463. March 09 MOM
  464. April 09 MOM
  465. May 09 MOM
  466. June 09 MOM
  467. July 09 MOM
  468. Aug 09 / Aug 10 MOM
  469. Sept 09 MOM
  470. Oct 09 MOM
  471. Nov 09 MOM
  472. Dec 09 MOM
  473. Jan 10 MOM
  474. Feb 10 MOM
  475. March 10 MOM
  476. April 10 MOM
  477. May 10 MOM
  478. June 10 MOM
  479. July 10 MOM
  480. Oct 10 MOM
  481. Star Nine (Star BD)
  482. Ashley Graham (BD)
  483. Stormy (BD)
  484. Ava Zurreal (BD)
  485. Stacie Snow (BD)
  486. Adrina (BD)
  487. Nikki Sebastian (BD)
  488. Kerri Taylor (BD)
  489. Violetta Storms (BD)
  490. Tracey Jordan (BD)
  491. Addie Juniper (BD)
  492. Nikki Sexton (BD)
  493. Kayla Jane Danger (BD)
  494. Hollie (BD)
  495. Nina (BD)
  496. Lily (on Cast Kingdom)
  497. Lori (on Cast Kingdom)
  498. Eren (on Cast Kingdom)
  499. Callie (removed set)
  500. Chelsea (removed set)
  501. Michelle (removed set)
  502. Michele (removed set)
  503. Michelle 2 (removed set)
  504. Lindsey SLC (removed set)
  505. Randi SLC (removed set)
  506. Rhyan CLC (removed set)
  507. Joy LAC (removed set)
  508. Rachal Blue LLC (removed set)
  509. Kristen
  510. Mira

Trouble logging in?

16 09 2009

If you have trouble logging in and:

– You get redirected to the clips for sale site it’s for one of two reasons. Either you simply downloaded more than the daily bandwidth allowance, usually because of numerous video downloads, in which case it will automatically reset within 24 hrs…. Or… Someone has tried to access your account from another IP address and your account has been locked for multiple password entries, in which case your account is permanently locked and can only be unlocked by me manually.  These redirects are in place to curb password trading and people running “site raping”/site downloading programs. It’s my way of ensuring the site runs smoothly for everyone who logs in, regardless of peak usage hours or bandwidth spikes, and to try and keep bandwidth costs down. I appologize for the inconvenience it poses, but it’s somewhat of  a necessay evil I’m afraid, and I appreciate your patience…. If it doesn’t automatically reset in a day or two, email me and I’ll look up the problem and give you a detailed answer….

– If you’ve lost your username and password, email me at and I will send it to you. Please include your full name and the email address you used to sign up with in your email. You don’t have to send the email from that account, just send the email address along with your name.

– If you’ve purchased a membership for Broken Angelz and your new username and password doesn’t work, make sure you are typing it in correctly… Usernames and passwords are case sensetive!!! O’s might be zeros, 1’s might be l’s, and so forth… If this doesn’t solve your issue, email me and I’ll look it up.

– If you’ve purchased a video through one of the Clips 4 Sale sites, and for some reason the download didn’t start, failed, or was cut off, YOU WILL NEED TO EMAIL OR CALL SUPPORT AT CLIPS 4 SALE… They are self hosting, therefore I have little admin abilites other than uploading and editing videos. I cannot manually add, credit, or refund purchases made by clips 4 sale, only they can…

Coming up in Sept/Oct. 09

14 09 2009

So far I have numerous shoots schedule for both BA and BD for the end of Sept and begining of Oct. I’m in a cute blonde cheerleader mood, so that’s what most of the upcoming models will be. Sort of the Avery types… As for BD, I’m booking numerous shoots for the r/x rated stuff as well, some point of view, some nudity, some adult, and some girl/girl stuff… Anyways, please be patient and stay tuned. There’s some great stuff coming up.

What’s going on… 9/9/09

9 09 2009

Just got back from a week in Miami, part work, part fun… I managed to get three shoots done while there, weather was pretty sketchy all week. I’ll be posting those in the coming weeks with previews coming in a couple days.

I’d like to clear up a couple things as well:

Why did I leave rec ortho?? – Simply put, I was tired of it and needed a break. It got to be that I was spending as much time on the msg boards as I was with my kids…or working…. etc… The questions, posts, certain post whoring members on rec ortho, etc… just started to get on my nerves. I have no plans on going back. Between people continuing to ask stupid questions, or reposting my original pictures, or just generally being shady, it’s left a sour taste in my mouth. This is certainly a minority, but one I don’t wish to deal with anymore.

Does leaving rec ortho mean you’re leaving the site?? – No. If anything I want to make this coming year the best yet. There’s too many sites selling too much sub par material and charging too much for it. Fuck them. I’ll always give people their money’s worth, and when I don’t, or can’t, I’ll leave. Right now, I just want to continue shooting hot chicks in casts, putting up good updates, and continuing to grow the site, videos, and evolve with new and inivative ideas.

Why do picture reposters bother you so much?? – Well, it’s theft for one… I doubt many people would appreciate me stealing from them. Mostly it’s about how much, and hard, I work to make the site what it is, regardless of whether people like everything on it or not. It takes up a lot of time, money, and resources, and when someone takes something I, or my contributors, worked hard to create, reposts it, than then claims credit for it, it fucking pisses me off… It says you’re too lazy or stupid to do something original yourself so you’re just going to ripoff someone else who is… The site’s pretty cheap I think for what you get, especially compared to others… I don’t think asking people to simply leave my pictures where they found them, not repost them, or save them to their hard drives for personal use but not resend them, is too much to ask… Lately it seems like facebook is the new place for these fucktards.

When’s the next update coming?? I update Broken Angels 3 times a week, every week… Almost all updates are posted in their entirety unlike most other sites that split, or divide, each model into numerous updates…

 Feel free to email me at