Complete site redesign goes live Nov. 1st!!!

17 10 2011

– By popular demand, I listened to your input
– Much better organized, catagorized, sorted
– Database backed
– search by over 50 different criteria, (cast, ethnicity, hair color, producer (including (S)ingle girl and (M)ulti girl contributors, cast type, walking apparatus, cam, year)
– 1000+ records featuring over 750+ cast women
– ties all BA and BD products together
– free search function to see whats available even before you get into the site (
– Can open multiple series at once

I’m crowd sourcing to make it perfect  – tell me if you see an error or miscatagorization and you will have access to special set later:


This new member area took MANY MANY MONTHS to rebuild as a one stop index of all the BA and BD material. It required hand-coding a 1000 record database and trying to catagorize sets where information like which set had traction?, which set had a CAM? What clips were related to which sets? This had never been maintained before. So there are errors and ommissions.

The best way to fix this is for the many of you who are members to crowd source the fixes by EMAILING what needs to be recatagorized or added/deleted (like clip previews you may find on clips4sale missing from a particular images set) when you discover issues. As a thank you for this I will be maintaining the email addresses of anyone that emails a valid fix and will be offering a special body cast set to those who have taken the time to make the database more useful for everyone else. The top 5-10 most prolific contributors will receive an exclusive clip of the body cast shooting as an added bonus.



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