What’s New @ Brokenanglez.com in 2013 and Beyond…

22 12 2012

The answer is a whole bunch of things, so let’s start. Alot of work is being done behind the scenes in December to prepare for next year :

1. PREVIEW PICS:  The last two weeks were spent adding preview pics to EVERY images set on the site so you can now easily search and see not just the cast girl’s portrait, but a sample of the shoot. just click her name for the sample. Also added a mailing list feature so anyone that wants to see more previews of a new shoot can get an email with the links.

2. SITE CHANGES — The static What’s New page is replaced with a dynamic database page of the last 45 days of updates. We’ve also tweeked the search criteria end added a MOM search as well as a SWE and CGJ search. You’ll see some more tweaks in the coming weeks.

3. ENHANCED SEARCH: As mentioned a few new search criteria were entered, but before doing more send us your requests for new search criteria you’d like to see if its already not there.  We can’t promise, but if some requests are more popular we will try to do it.  (Remember each new search criteria needs to be programmed and the real work is identified which of the 2000 sets have what is being searched for in it!)

3. MORE GIRLS PER MONTH: Unlike previous years, we spent 2012 creating a forward inventory so that there will be more diversity of girls per month – meaning 8-10 different girls each month.

4. POSTING MORE VIDEO: A major change is video – a commitment to providing at least 10-12 minutes of video per month on the site of 4-5 different cast girls so that you end up with at least 2 hours of video clips by years’s end. At least 2 1/2 minutes of video will be posted with each weekly update – but what the video consists of is also important . The focus is on enhancing the image experience, so we took the points where the girl describes her accident and cast experience in the long video and used it for these shorter video postings. The goal is a Ken Burn’s Civil War Documentary-Like effect. Besides enjoying the short clip of the girl, you can also run a slideshow of her images with the video playing in the background of each girl describing her accident and casting experience in her own voice, regional accent, etc.. Its a really nice effect – try it! They’ll be even more interesting video announcements to come as we move into 2014.

5. NAME CHANGE & CONTRIBUTOR INFO: The site’s name has been changed slightly from Broken Angelz to Broken Angelz & Friends to reflect a reality that has existed for many years – hundreds of the cast girls shown are from site contributors! This will remain the case and some of the best material from affiliated sites that I manage will now also be shown – including new special fiber and crutch sets made by castedmemories.com exclusively for the Broken Angelz & Friends site, and additionally some of the best girls and casts from Swedishcrutch.com & CGJ Asian Cast Girls.  Active Contributors to BA&F are still being sought! And we will pay for new cast material in cash or with memberships. The material does have to meet certain technical quality standards and relate to what site members want to see (e.g. typically clear images/clips or attractive young and older woman) for compensation to occur. You can email: info@brokenangelz.com for more info if you want to contribute. Just appreciate it may take some time to post it as we have lots of new inventory to get through — literally years-worth in fact, and more is being produced….

6. “BLASTS FROM THE PAST”: Slowly, over the course of a number of years going forward some of the best Angelz of old will be reposted. The MOM’s, who now have names, will be repatriated into the member site if you missed them the first time around. Erotic sets that previously were only on the BD clips4sale site will also be posted to the member site. In addition, some of our most attractive BA cast girls will be reposted. Did you know that when images are posted to the BA site, in order to focus on the cast girl each one is almost always clipped (so that environmental background is lost). Images are also routinely reduced to a 1280X1024 size (kind of like edited for TV). All reposted “Blast from the Past”  material WILL NOT BE EDITED in this way. It will be the original material in typically never-before-seen original larger format with the background scenery showing. Where it exists we will also be making shorter video clips to accompany it just as described in item #3 above.

7. CONSOLIDATING EROTIC LONG CLIPS: The BD clip site will now feature  all erotic clips, regardless of the producer, in order to consolidate the erotic line for all those who enjoy it. So over the next year(s) you’ll see a combination of new BD clips like the one recently posted, erotic clips slowly moved over from other stores and some mashup clips featuring parts of others including best casted blowjobs, best casted sex, best girl on girls, etc…

Thats’s all for now… keep watching for updates!  (BTW — I will be posting more information on this board so please check it every once in a while)



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