Broken Angelz Site Update 2015

4 11 2015

As you may have noticed the site is going through a considerable upgrade. There is more to come and a rather big upgrade planned in early 2016 (stay tuned!)

  • There has been a complete design overhaul that is continuing, first to the front section and then next to members using the same template
  • I’ve added new search selection criteria to: Casts, Material, Girl, Producer and a whole new categories: Set Type which will better identify sets at a glance – Set Type will take some time to gather all that data. Also now search for Term [cast].
  • Mouse rollovers on portraits now automatically popup a preview image of the set.
  • Clicking the name next to the portrait or the three pix for new sets now both consistently show an image in a popup window
  • 75 sets of producers material from SNE-Finland and CEG-Czech have been recently added including 78 new full sets of casted women and 50 other girls in variety sets
  • I decided to consolidate some contribution sets into “Variety” and add the few CEG and SNE sets to that too. So now we have an LLC, SLC, ARM, CRUTCH, CAM, SPRAIN and BRACE Variety Set.

Before I start the back end design I am doing some database cleanup.