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8 11 2015

Most of the Search items now allow for selecting multiple conditions at once. The following search fields can all be used with multiple conditions:  Name, Cast, Cast-Spec, Material, Girl, Hair, Set Type, Producer, Alphabetical, by Year, Cstshoe, Crutch, Wheelchair, Traction, Med/Term.

That means if you select multiple fields like Cast = SLWC, Girl = Latina and Producer = Angel  and press PUSH this acts as an “AND” condition between each of the three selections and you’ll only get records back that match all 3 criteria together. So you can get really specific in your searches now. Of course you can still search by any of these individual items as well. Within the categories defined above are over 125 separate search criteria to choose from in the drop down menu’s.

UPDATE: 3/2016 — I integrated the Name search into the multiple condition searches. You can now search just for name by entering it into the box and then pressing search -or- you can enter a name and other specific information like type of cast, producer, etc.. I did this because there are girls with the same name from different producers and some girls like Amy, Beatrice, Pam, etc. have multiple sets with different casts outfits etc. people would want to search more specifically for.

The following searches cannot be selected with other search items:

Get All Records  Finds all records in the database. (This search takes some time).

New Search Terms:

Just combines the search for either Medical or Term Casts (since its one or the other if its not a rec cast, combining them into one search item allowed me more room for another search item).

Cast: LLWC-HB and SLWC-HB casts were added. HB stands for heel bar.

Cast-Spec (Cast Special) Allows you to search for special cast “add-ons” like toe plates, toe and finger SPICA’s, minerva, risser, neck braces, slings, spreader bars, fixators, angled knee or angled ankle casts,  cast socks or if the set includes cast application and or removal etc..  Please note that  angled Knee refers to 90-45 degree non weight bearing casts. Angled Ankle refers to ankle turned in or greater that 90 degrees. These tags are being updated individually in sets and may take a bit of time to get all the terms. The predominant theme will take precedence as there is only one cast-spec field (so for example if a set has a  cast sock and toe plate the toe plate will take precedence in the field and with the cast sock described elsewhere).

Cast-Shoe Formerly CAM  I now use this field to describe the type of orthopedic footwear. Like CAM, Cast Sandle, Cast Boot, Cast Shoe, Tovipie, Half (.5) Shoe, [plastic] Bag etc. These are being updated individually in sets and may take a bit of time to get all the terms in.

Crutch I know distinguish between forearm crutches (“Fcrutch”), underarm crutches (“UCrutch”) and “Cane” (cane is also a single forearm crutch).

Set Type Allows you to identify the kind of set and generally applies to clothes or setting. The predominant theme will take precedence (as there is only one term) for example:

“Bikini” –  Bikini or Bathing Suit;
“Casual” – Casual clothes or setting like wearing shorts, casual skirt or pants ;
“Evening” – Dressed to kill like in a a little black dress or party outfit;
“Fashion” – Some sort of fashion generally better dressed than casual but not evening wear;
“Hospital” – Takes place in a hospital setting;
“Jeans” – Wearing jeans;
“Lingerie” – Wearing Lingerie, Bed clothes, PJ’s, ;
“Multi-Outfit” – Wearing different outfit categories in same set – Usually Evening/Fashion combined with Casual/Jeans;
“Naked” – Predominantly naked in the set. Please note you can find all EROTIC sets by selecting  “Devilz” in the Producer search, but “Devilz” can sometimes be naked, or wearing lingerie, uniforms, etc.. just like any other producer type and I now use this field to distinguish that.
“Sport” – Wearing sweats, yoga outfits or could be working out;
“Uniform” – Maid, Medical Worker, Cheerleader, School Uniform, Stewardess, Kimono or Traditional Outfits, any Uniform, etc.;
“Work” – Means wearing clothes for work or could be an Office Setting;

These are being updated individually in sets and may take a bit of time to get all the terms in.

I am  instituting more standard nomenclature to get girl names consistent so it’s much easier to find a girl by name.

Firstly I have made sure you need to only put in ONE name – the girls first name. No more having to figure out second names. Name search also makes no distinction between caps and lower case making finding the girl easier:

I dropped all of the adult models last names:

Brandi Belle             is now    Brandi
Briella Jaden            is now     Briella
CandyCain                is now     Candy
Cat Force                  is now     Cat
Dorothy Black         is now    Dorothy
Elane Hershey         is now     Elane
Eve Angel                 is now     Eve
Kendra James         is now     Kendra
Jordan Kingsley        is now    Jordan
Kim Marvel             is now    Kim
Natalie Minx           is now    Natalie
Nicky Masters         is now    Nicky
Niki Sebastion        is now    Niki
Nikki Sexton           is now    Nikki
Sarah Jain               is now     Sarah
Stacie Snow            is now     Stacie

Some girls without a name were listed just as “contributorX’s gal” now just use the contributor’s name to find the girl

Bkastz Gal              is now  Bkast
Brazil Cast              is now  Brazilcast
CaCasterz Gal        is now  CaCaster
CTCouplez Gal      is now  CTCouple
Gipserz Gal            is now  Gipserz
Golfthugz Gal        is now  Golfthugz
Hawkz Gal             is now  Hawk
LD77z Gal              is now  LD77
Mr. & Mrs. Wing  is now     Wingnutz
NJPixmanz Gal     is now   NJPixman
Plasterman Galz    is now  Plasterman
UncFanz Gal          is now  UncFan
Zanonz Gal           
is now Zanon 

Some girls also were anonymous and only named by their location so I made it a one word name:

Campus Girl          is now     CampusGirl
Pink Lady               is now     PinkLady
Miami Girl             is now     MiamiGirl

Some girls just had strange suffixes at the end of their first names:

Amy_cast        is now     Amycast (too many Amy’s, had to distinguish)
JaimeK            is now     Jaime
Lanacamo       is now     Lana
LaurenWK      is now     Lauren
Mandy K         is now     Mandy

Some Southern girls actually have a first name that is two names (ditto for some adult models). When it was clear this was all a first name I kept them together like so:


Then there were a couple of miscellaneous items:

Wacky Friend        is now    Wacky
MILFs                     in now  MedMILFS

A number of Variety sets that had different prefixes or suffixes are now just called Variety



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