BrokenAngelz & Casted Memories have MERGED!

15 12 2015

The member sites of Castedmemories and BrokenAngelz have merged into the BrokenAngelz Site.

What does it mean?

It means over 1160+ complete image sets comprising about 75,000-80,000 images and 225 video clips and about 50 new girls have been transferred from (CM) to (BA) where they will live from now on. New Sets will be added on BrokenAngelz as the Castedmemories subscriber site is retired.

All the CM sets have also been completely re-tagged prior to being moved over to BA in order to take full advantage of the new robust search function just added to BrokenAngelz in its redesign. So the sets are searchable by the 125+ multiple search criteria. Click Search Help on the site to read all about BA’s newly enhanced search capability.

With the benefit of hind site all the CM sets were also evaluated and some were merged where the girl was wearing the same cast and clothes in order to make it easier to find and download all related images in one set. So the original 1160+ sets were consolidated down to about 830, but the images from all 1160 sets were converted over.

The CastedMemories C4S Video Clip will remain up and will continue to be added to. BrokenAngelz visitors will note the Castedmemories C4S clip site was integrated into the BrokenAngelzĀ  site redesign. The plan is to add:

  1. Full length clips of plaster casts to the CastedMemories Clip C4S site;
  2. Full length clips of fiber casts to the BrokenAngelzĀ  Clip C4S site;
  3. Full length clips of Erotic Casts to the BrokenDevilz Clip C4S site;

Why the Merger?

Because Castedmemories-produced content will make up the bulk of new material on Broken Angelz from this point forward. And while a number of pay sites are creating multiple sites featuring the same girls and casts, I decided it would be a better value to subscribers to do the opposite and consolidate the two sites to create easily the largest free searchable database of casted women online.

Broken Angelz will have at least two updates per week of completely new material that comprise its three weekly updates. Typically one new set will be fiber and the other plaster. The third weekly update will be set aside for:

  • New contributors sets;
  • New short clips from the image set shootings;
  • Special limited time Long Clip Previews;
  • The reposting of erotic and MOM material by EJ still not up.
  • The Final new images sets still not posted of EJ material.
  • Upsized 1728 X1152 original image shootings of the best EJ and CM sets previously posted.

The idea is to eventually have most sets with short clips attached to them and all the best sets to be large sized images whether newly posted or supersized older sets where large sized images exist.

What about Current Subscribers?

Well…. Current Broken Angelz Subscribers who’ve stayed with us just got themselves 1160+ new sets to check out overnight… and current CastedMemories subscribers just got themselves access to about 1500+ BA sets… So I’d say not a bad deal all around… šŸ˜‰

Any questions?
Please don’t hesitate:

I’ll put ’em up here with the answers if it helps clarifies things more for folks.