Trouble logging in?

16 09 2009

If you have trouble logging in and:

– You get redirected to the clips for sale site it’s for one of two reasons. Either you simply downloaded more than the daily bandwidth allowance, usually because of numerous video downloads, in which case it will automatically reset within 24 hrs…. Or… Someone has tried to access your account from another IP address and your account has been locked for multiple password entries, in which case your account is permanently locked and can only be unlocked by me manually.  These redirects are in place to curb password trading and people running “site raping”/site downloading programs. It’s my way of ensuring the site runs smoothly for everyone who logs in, regardless of peak usage hours or bandwidth spikes, and to try and keep bandwidth costs down. I appologize for the inconvenience it poses, but it’s somewhat of  a necessay evil I’m afraid, and I appreciate your patience…. If it doesn’t automatically reset in a day or two, email me and I’ll look up the problem and give you a detailed answer….

– If you’ve lost your username and password, email me at and I will send it to you. Please include your full name and the email address you used to sign up with in your email. You don’t have to send the email from that account, just send the email address along with your name.

– If you’ve purchased a membership for Broken Angelz and your new username and password doesn’t work, make sure you are typing it in correctly… Usernames and passwords are case sensetive!!! O’s might be zeros, 1’s might be l’s, and so forth… If this doesn’t solve your issue, email me and I’ll look it up.

– If you’ve purchased a video through one of the Clips 4 Sale sites, and for some reason the download didn’t start, failed, or was cut off, YOU WILL NEED TO EMAIL OR CALL SUPPORT AT CLIPS 4 SALE… They are self hosting, therefore I have little admin abilites other than uploading and editing videos. I cannot manually add, credit, or refund purchases made by clips 4 sale, only they can…


Coming up in Sept/Oct. 09

14 09 2009

So far I have numerous shoots schedule for both BA and BD for the end of Sept and begining of Oct. I’m in a cute blonde cheerleader mood, so that’s what most of the upcoming models will be. Sort of the Avery types… As for BD, I’m booking numerous shoots for the r/x rated stuff as well, some point of view, some nudity, some adult, and some girl/girl stuff… Anyways, please be patient and stay tuned. There’s some great stuff coming up.

What’s going on… 9/9/09

9 09 2009

Just got back from a week in Miami, part work, part fun… I managed to get three shoots done while there, weather was pretty sketchy all week. I’ll be posting those in the coming weeks with previews coming in a couple days.

I’d like to clear up a couple things as well:

Why did I leave rec ortho?? – Simply put, I was tired of it and needed a break. It got to be that I was spending as much time on the msg boards as I was with my kids…or working…. etc… The questions, posts, certain post whoring members on rec ortho, etc… just started to get on my nerves. I have no plans on going back. Between people continuing to ask stupid questions, or reposting my original pictures, or just generally being shady, it’s left a sour taste in my mouth. This is certainly a minority, but one I don’t wish to deal with anymore.

Does leaving rec ortho mean you’re leaving the site?? – No. If anything I want to make this coming year the best yet. There’s too many sites selling too much sub par material and charging too much for it. Fuck them. I’ll always give people their money’s worth, and when I don’t, or can’t, I’ll leave. Right now, I just want to continue shooting hot chicks in casts, putting up good updates, and continuing to grow the site, videos, and evolve with new and inivative ideas.

Why do picture reposters bother you so much?? – Well, it’s theft for one… I doubt many people would appreciate me stealing from them. Mostly it’s about how much, and hard, I work to make the site what it is, regardless of whether people like everything on it or not. It takes up a lot of time, money, and resources, and when someone takes something I, or my contributors, worked hard to create, reposts it, than then claims credit for it, it fucking pisses me off… It says you’re too lazy or stupid to do something original yourself so you’re just going to ripoff someone else who is… The site’s pretty cheap I think for what you get, especially compared to others… I don’t think asking people to simply leave my pictures where they found them, not repost them, or save them to their hard drives for personal use but not resend them, is too much to ask… Lately it seems like facebook is the new place for these fucktards.

When’s the next update coming?? I update Broken Angels 3 times a week, every week… Almost all updates are posted in their entirety unlike most other sites that split, or divide, each model into numerous updates…

 Feel free to email me at